Thursday, November 29, 2012

Target + Neiman Marcus

Saturday {12/1} the Neiman Marcus + Target collaboration hits stores.  When this was first announced a few months back I was super excited.  Being that I can’t afford to shop at NM I thought this would be a great opportunity for me to stock up on a few items.  

After looking at the collection, there are some really fun items, but I am not sure if they are worth waking up early and fighting over.  I am curious to know your thoughts?  



Caroline said...

I am so excited for this!

Jax said...

There's not a lot I'd consider waking up early and fighting for... Student loans paid off? DEFINITELY. Beyond that...Probably not...even though I'd want to. Those are so cute, though!! I'd be frightened of the Christmas shopping crazies when they get combined with the designers-for-Target crazies! Eeek!

Allie said...

I was underwhelmed, I have to be honest. I didn't go all weekend. You?

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