Friday, November 16, 2012

Friday's Letters

Happy Friday friends!  What a glorious day!  Seriously doesn't this seem like the LONGEST week in history?  Okay being a little dramatic, but this is the first weekend in about a month that I am feeling 100% which makes me one happy girl.  

Dear M, It's your birthday week!  We celebrated with Chin-Chin takeout {his pick}, cookie cake, started season 4 of Breaking Bad and new running shoes.  Yeah, not the most exciting gift, but you are determined to get healthy therefore you need them.  Dear Thanksgiving Break, I am really ready for you.  Come on Wednesday at 2 PM.  Dear Twilight, I must confess I am super excited to see the final installment.  I might even drag M Sunday afternoon to see it.  I never finished the last book because I got bored.  I think the movie will be way more entertaining.  Dear Christmas Shopping, We already started and I love it.  Online shopping while having down time at work is amazing and so dangerous.  Dear M, I really, really want to put up our Christmas tree this weekend. It has been hanging out in my car for the past week waiting to get out of the box.  We need to let it free.  Dear Dad, You have 20 days left until you are officially retired.  Crazy!  I can't wait to celebrate in just a few short weeks {5.5, not that I am counting}.


Shay said...

Lovely letters. I need to start my Christmas shopping, I'm nowhere near organised this year!! Eek! x

Sara Louise said...

I am SO ready for Thanksgiving it's ridiculous, and I live in France so it's not celebrated anywhere but in my house, but still, I'm ready to get my pumpkin pie on!
And yeah, Dear Christmas Shopping: I'm totally kicking your ass this year! :)

Ashley said...

that sounds like an awesome birthday if i do say so. i love running shoes and cookie cake and takeout.
and breaking dawn was soooo good! hope you got to see it!

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