Friday, November 2, 2012

Friday's Letters

Dear In-Laws, You are in town for a week!  I love this yearly tradition.  We have a jammed packed week full of fun dinners, a night in my favorite place San Diego, and M’s birthday dinner at Tar & Roses.  Dear M, I am so sorry I got you sick.  You are the worst patient ever too.  I am hoping the worst is over.  Dear Work,  Our Halloween/M0vember celebration on Wednesday was crazy fun.  So glad I had a couple of glasses of wine before I got on stage with my team and reenacted the Hit Me Baby One More Time music video.  Dear November, Boy did you sneak up on us!  I can’t believe it is just 3 weeks until Thanksgiving and 8 weeks until Christmas.  Holy Moses!   Dear Old Navy, I am loving your clothes recently.  I think you hired a new design team.  



Lauren Bodwell said...

I love Old Navy recently too! Thanks for sharing!

Lauren said...

tell me that somewhere there exists a video of you reenacting "hit me baby one more time". ::crosses fingers::

Amber said...

Have fun with your in-laws this week! I have alse seen so many cute things from Old Navy recently , they have stepped it up!!

Ashlyn said...

I wish there was an Old Navy near me. I am having withdrawals and I keep reading about how cute everything is this season!

Danielle said...

Old navy DOES have cute things recently, I was pretty surprised. Once I have money i'm definitely buying a bunch of stuff from there!!!

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