Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Core Fusion Challenge

My sister is the most fit person I know.  Growing up she was always on the chunkier side then she hit college and bam fit Rebecca was born.  Whenever I see her {once or twice a year}, I can’t believe how toned she is.  Last year she told me to buy Core Fusion DVDs.  She swears by them.  Of course I bought them, did them a few times then on to the next thing.  {I bet you can see a pattern here of my workout habits.}

Yesterday I saw this picture on the Tone It Up girls facebook page and immediately became inspired.  I thought I look like this and I want to look like that!  How do I do it? The first thing that came to mind was Core Fusion.  I started Googling and came across this post.  Whatever it was just clicked. 

The next 30 days will include the following:

3 days of Core Fusion DVDs which are 50 minutes a piece
2 days of jogging

5 regular push-ups
Lose 2 inches around my waist
Hold Plank for 60-90 seconds
Jog a mile under 10 minutes

{Just a side note: Yoga/Bar Method/Spin/Equinox gym memberships are $100+ per month in our neighborhood and I can’t afford it, unless Groupon is involved. Plain and simple.}   



The Pink Growl said...

These are great goals - get it girl!

Courtney Kassner said...

This looks like the motivation I needed! I'm going to look into getting these DVD's. Good luck!!

Lauren said...

i go to 24hr fitness down on Ocean Park its a really nice gym and its about $35 a month!

J and A said...

I saw that too!! So inspiring!! Good luck! you got this!! I will have to look for those dvd - I love new workouts!!

Caroline said...

You can do it!!!

Jax said...

Way to go! I bought one of those dvds and did it once.. haha.. You and I have similar workout habits. I loved Crossfit...for 6 months. but it was the most intense thing I've ever stuck with that long. My new thing: this half marathon I want to do. I don't mind switching around, but I just need to not have the 6 month breaks in between my newest workout passions.. haha.. Kick butt and take names girl! That Core Fusion stuff is hard!

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