Wednesday, July 27, 2011

What I am Loving

I'm LOVING where I am at this point in life.  I see a lot of people who get/have everything now.  How fun is it when you don't have something you are striving for?  When MG and I decided to move to LA we knew it would be a struggle.  We wouldn't have the life we could have in Georgia.  A lot of it is material things, but unfortunately that is the way life works.  These things are important {house, car-not the clothes, jewelry, DVDs, the newest TV, whatever} .  We may not own a house until we are 40 or start a family until things become more stable and I am finally okay with it.  In my heart I have to have faith on why we are out here, trying to make this dream come true, and it this is so much bigger than us.  I have to have this attitude or else I would not be the most pleasant person to live with.  {You might see this become a reoccurring theme on my blog. MG is in the budgeting stage for his movie.  As of now he is wearing all hats of this project.}

Last night M and I talked for hours about movies, TV, Hollywood, actors/actresses, everything.  Even though we aren't in the very tight circle yet, I know there will be a time in our life where he will be able to voice his opinion.  Last week, Jeffery Katzenberg said movies suck right now.  I couldn't agree more.  They are awful.  Hollywood needs to be open to new talent and different ways to tell a story.  95 sequels in the works right now-seriously! Whatever happened to movies like American Beauty, Lost In Translation, Fargo?

Sorry for my rant.  I have faith in MG and know that he has the skills, talent and passion to make an amazing movie.  I just wish someone would give him the chance.  It will happen:)

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