Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Last night I went to load the pictures from this weekend to my camera and I took maybe 5 {insert sad face here} so I will have to wait until my mom gets back in town to show you the pictures.

I am not sure if you are aware or not, but this weekend is CAR-MAGEDDON in LA when the 405 shuts down for 10+ miles.

Anyone who lives in LA or has visited LA knows the 405 is always a disaster therefore traffic this weekend is going to be awful, beyond awful.

MG and I already have plans to head to the grocery store on Thursday night and stock up on anything we could need this weekend.  Sound dramatic?  Maybe a little bit, but one of the major detours, Bundy, is about 1 mile away from our apartment so traffic is going to be bad.  One of my co-workers this morning said when the OJ chase happened in 1995 they closed the 405.  She was stuck in traffic for 5 hours! From Brentwood to Manhattan Beach, about 20 or so miles. The highway begins closing at 7 PM on Friday so I am crossing my fingers that work lets us go early on Friday.  It is going to be a nightmare getting home.  Oh the perks to living in LA {please note sarcasm here!}
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justagirlLaura said...

Whoa! I've only been to LA twice, but I know how CRAZY closing part of the 405 will be. I send you good wishes!

Ashley said...

oh noooo - i live in metro atlanta and we had a major highway shut down a few weeks ago so i feel your pain!

quite contrary said...

that cake is from Alpine Bakery in Roswell! such a small world!

MJ said...

Did you see that Jet Blue is offering $4 flights that weekend from Burbank to Long Beach!? I wish we could go just for the day, just for fun...

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