Thursday, February 24, 2011

Oscar Parties

As you know from my post here we are big Oscar people.  The Academy Awards are this Sunday.  I found on Deadline Hollywood and list of some of the parties that are happening this week around the city.  I seriously would give just about anything to attend.  I am sure MAG would too.

One event that is on the list is the Film Independent's Spirit Award.  This is an award that goes out to Best Feature, Best First Feature and Best Feature Made Under $500K {The John Cassavetes Award} and many more.  In our household this is the goal for The Ocean Black {if/when it gets made into a feature}.   I know some of you must think we are crazy, but it is MAG's passion so we have to Just Go With It {pun intended}!

Oscar Cocktail Party
If we were invited to a cocktail party this is what I would wear.  This is the best part right?!  
PS. In my dreams I have this body:)

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