Wednesday, February 9, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

I am still LOVING that I won my works Super Bowl Pool.  Still grinning:)

I am LOVING that MAG has decided to become healthy with me. 

I am LOVING that I have a parking spot in lot 1 as of today.  It is the small things.  We have 5 lots and I park in 5 (of course the one that is the farthest away from my building).  

I am LOVING making smoothies every morning for breakfast.  They are so yummy!

I am LOVING that I can walk to the farmers market on the weekends.

I am LOVING that it is Wednesday.  Happy Hump Day!
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Caroline said...

what kind of smoothies for you make?

Jax said...

Farmers markets...*sigh* I cannot WAIT for this snow to go away so we have them again! And I am SO happy for you winning the work poll! Let us know what kinds of smoothies you make! I love them and always dig new concoctions!

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