Friday, February 25, 2011

Mixed Emotions

Today is weird.  I am happy it is Friday, don't get me wrong, but the last 24 hours have given me mixed emotions about a few things.  Today this cute boy, Ross-my sisters boyfriend, heads off to Afghanistan.
Ross' Mom-Pam, Kristie, Ross, My Mom-Chris, and Nicole at the Marriott in New Bern, NC.  The hotel staff made him a sign to say THANK YOU!  How sweet:)

 The love birds last weekend.

As we speak they are actually waiting for the bus to pick them up.  As I said in my post here I haven't been directly effected by the Iraq war until now.
All the soldiers waiting for the buses to pick them up and ship out.

My moms brother, Jeff, was killed during his second tour to Vietnam.  I know how a war can tear apart a family making everyone become numb to hard situations.  This is my biggest fear for Kristie and his family.  They are so madly in love, have talked about getting married and starting a family a few years after he returns.  I want this for her.  This makes me extremely sad just thinking about this.

I know some of you have reached out to me with your thoughts and condolences and I truly appreciate it.  I will continue to keep you updated with Ross and my sister.   Hopefully next month MAG and I will be volunteering for Operation Gratitude.  I am waiting to hear back from their volunteer coordinator with info.

Sorry for such a heavy topic going into the weekend.  I hope you have a wonderful weekend planned.  It will be rainy and overcast here so no running by the beach :(  We still have to see King's Speech by Sunday so we will be up to date with the Oscars.
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