Tuesday, January 25, 2011

OSCAR Nominations

If you live in our house then you know when the OSCAR nominations come out, have the Academy Awards ceremony marked on your calendar months in advance and are planning on who we want to watch it with.  Yes, we are those people who LOVE the Oscars.  While MAG was in college in NC I planned my Feb/March trip around what weekend they fell on.  This will be our 13th ceremony we will watch together.

The reason I am so obsessed with this is because our dream is to be there one day-not as celebrities.  If you were to ask any filmmaker what their ultimate goal you might get a variety of answers:

-Write, Direct, Produce their own project
-Make a film with a budget of $1M or more
-Work with talent they have admired for years
-Be nominated for an Academy Award
-Win an Academy Award

All these are goals of MAG, but the last two would be icing on the cake!  The way I look at it is if you are going to dream, DREAM BIG!  Needless to say, you will know where we are on February 27th:)
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