Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Good Things Happen... those that wait!  I am so happy to announce I have been promoted.  After 2 years of hard work at my previous position I am finally climbing the corporate ladder.  I started today as an Executive Assistant.  Never did I think this would be a job I would take, but Monday I interviewed with him and thought we are a great fit.  He approaches our work relationship more as a team not C_ _/EA.  I think as a team we will both be extremely successful.  Can't wait to see what the future holds!
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Alisha said...

Congrats on the new position! That's so great and exciting :) And good things really happen to those wait and bust their butts!! ;) Keep it up!

Britt said...

Thank you Alisha! I totally agree with last part of busting their butts;)

Lauren said...

SOOO happy for you!! That is awesome news! Congratulations!

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