Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Pity Party Over!

Sorry for the pity party yesterday readers!  I was upset that our Christmas plans fell through, but am over it now-well kind of.  I spent much of yesterday looking at flights home and they were still expensive.  Sorry family, we love you and would love to spend the holidays with you, but $1000 is a lot to spend on two tickets home for 4 days.  Yesterday when I came home I was in tears.  It was a long day at work, I sat in a chair for 3 hours getting my highlights touched up and I was just spent.  When I walked through the door MAG was there with a big smile on his face, gave me a hug and made dinner.  We spent the rest of the evening looking for last minute deals to San Francisco.  Since we have no reason to stay in LA we thought SF would be the next best thing.  The totally weird thing is that my mom texted me this morning and told me that we should do something different, like go to San Fran!  How strange is that?  The plans are still up in the air, but it is nice to know I will be celebrating Christmas with my most favorite person in the world and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

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Lauren said...

Aww so sorry you had a long crappy day, but going to San Fran sounds exciting! You should definitely do something different, go explore somewhere in CA you haven't explored yet. I hope you and Marco have a FABULOUSLY Merry Christmas together!!

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