Thursday, December 9, 2010

Announcing Your Divorce Via FB!

I know this could be a sensitive subject, but I have to vent about it quickly.  I get so annoyed with girls being in love with the idea of a wedding and not being prepared for what marriage is truly about.

How did this come about?  Well, this afternoon I was on FB and I saw a girl who I have known since grade school and she announced she was getting a divorce.  Yes, she did this on FB, {if you want FB to be a role in your announcement please use the messaging feature}.  TMI in my opinion.  Two years ago she had the big wedding, updated FB status all the time about the wedding, etc.  Everything was about the wedding!

I guess the whole thing wouldn't have bothered me so much, but this is the third or fourth girl I know who has gotten a divorce and is under the age of 26.  I don't want you to think that I am almighty because I am certainly not.  I believe that every couple has their own issues.  Sometimes they can't be worked out no matter how hard you try therefore divorce is the answer.

Yes, planning the wedding is wonderful, fun and exciting.  I just hope that each bride AND groom know that it is what happens afterwards that really counts!  Marriage isn't easy, I will be the first to admit, but when you have a loving partner and the desire to make your marriage work you can conquer any struggle you may endure!
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Melissa said...

def agree and we've totally talked about this. SO curious to know who you're referring to!!

Lauren said...

Amen girl! I am so over FB - and the display of highly personal info!!

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