Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Inside the Actor's Studio Part I

Do you ever watch Inside the Actor's Studio?  If not, set your TiVo's & DVRs today.  This show gives us regular people a glimpse inside the world of being an actor.  James Lipton is the host.  He is perfect, absolutely perfect.  He has just the right amount of charisma, sympathy, whit and sarcasm to reel you in.  

Last week their guest was the so hot, James Franco!  I knew this would be an interesting interview.  My personal opinion is that within the past few years James has come into his own as an actor.  He is picking interesting roles that show the many personalities an actor can portray.  MAG and I are big fans of his and we both hope that one day MAG will have the opportunity to work with him.  {Yes, we dream big, but why not?  It is more fun that way.}

Franco will be staring in the upcoming film, Your Highness.  MAG and I can't wait to see this for two reasons.  1.) David Gordon Green is the director.  He graduated from NCSA {MAG's alma mater} a few years before him.  He also did Pineapple Express and George Washington {which is in the Criterion collection!} 2.) Danny McBride.  This dude is so funny.  You might know him as Kenny Powers from Eastbound and Down.  He is also an NCSA alumni.  Check out the preview to Your Highness here. {Disclaimer: This is a red band trailer so it is for mature audiences only.}

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