Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Since starting my new j-o-b my life has completely changed.  I have gone from having very little responsibility to a lot of it.  Let me be clear, I am not complaining.  I really do love my new job; it is just an adjustment.  I got a B!ackberry yesterday.  I feel so official.  I have never used one before or an iphone {yes, I know! I haven't been living under a rock.  I just never wanted to spend the $ on one.} Well the BB is so cool! I love it.  I know it has only been one day, pretty soon it could be my worst nightmare.

On top of my work load, MAG's writing partner is in town for the next few weeks while they finish The Ocean Black.  I am really excited the script is almost finished.  This is the last piece of the puzzle before meetings can take place.

Needless to say December has become a stressful month for us, but I am dealing with it nicely {I think, MAG might beg to differ.}
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Melissa said...

so happy for you my dear!

Lauren said...

Woohooo a BB!! I don't even have one of those! My job gave me a crap phone I can't even dial on! So excited for you in your new job, you have worked hard for this!

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