Thursday, October 14, 2010

My Parents

Day 4: My Parents

Words can't even begin to explain how thankful I am for my parents.  They are truly two of the most important people in my life.  I admire them so much because when they got married 30+ years ago in Arizona they moved to Alpharetta, GA.  They left everyone they knew for something different.  It is the exactly same thing that MAG and I did.  Their love and support for us has been unreal.  I know I can count of them for anything and they are always willing to listen.  As I have gotten older they have become of my best friends. 

Mom & Dad, one day we will be able to repay for you all the love and support you have given MAG and I over the years.  You are the best parents and in-laws we could ask for.  I can't wait for the day for us to buy you a cute little beach house at Pawley's Island and us come visit with your grand kids.  One day, I promise!


Lauren said...

This is such a sweet post!!

Katie K. said...

love the pictures! I cannot wait for my parents to be grandparents either!

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