Monday, October 15, 2012

Weekend Recap

This weekend was one for the books!  It started off Friday night seeing ARG0 at the Archlight on Sunset.  This was a very special occasion because our good friend has been Ben's assistant for the past 3 years and of course we have to support him.  About 15 of us got together for drinks at the theater before the movie and then saw it in the dome.  The movie was awesome.  Afterwards we headed to Stout for burgers and beer.  It was one of the best nights out with friends we have had in awhile.  It was also fun to be out in Hollywood for the night.

Credits/M & Doug waiting for the movie/The Dome/M & Spence/M & I at dinner
The rest of our weekend was spent walking down by the beach, watching the Gators win, dinner with friends and their adorable son, NFL games, grocery shopping and of course The Walking Dead premier.  


The Pink Growl said...

My fiance is dying to see this ARGO movie - you liked it?

Allie said...

That is so awesome that you were able to see Argo with Spencer!! Congratulations to him!!

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