Friday, October 5, 2012


Who's ready for happy hour?

Dear Gators
You got this!  Beat LSU! 

Dear Marco
Fantasy has kind of taken over our lives on Sundays.  I must admit as much as it annoys me I kind of love it.  

Dear LA
90 one day 69 the next. I am shocked I am not sick yet.  Please keep the cooler temps coming.  

Dear MIL
You joined Twitter!   This is kind of weird, but I like it.  I also loved that you called out Lilo’s mom to Dr. Phil.  

Dear Allie
We wrote novels to each other this week and I loved ever word.  Whenever an email pops up from your I get a huge smile on my face.  Can you please move back to LA?! Pretty please?  

Dear Weekend
Take your sweet time, I am ready to enjoy each and every moment. 

Dear Blog Friends
Thanks so much for following me.  I have been kind of in a funk this week.  I have some fun things to share with you next week.



J and A said...

I'm ready for cocktails! Love emails with friends too. :)

Emily said...

the weather is insane here too on the east coast! I cant take it anymore!

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