Thursday, October 11, 2012

My Perfect Wedding Gift

To round out my unofficial wedding week I thought it would be best to end with presents.  Who doesn't like a good gift?  I know couples (or mainly the bride) spend hours and hours making the perfect registry, but I believe in giving the happy couple something unique.  Enter Etsy.  If you want to find the perfect wedding gift look no further.  

My favorite gift to give is from Silhouette Blue.  

Basically I stock the happy couples registry to see what colors are predominant and order whatever print I think would be best.  Go to Michaels get a pretty frame and ta-da!  I love this gift and how personal you can make it.  It is perfect for a collage wall which are so popular right now.

I am curious, do you buy gifts off the registry or do you like to go off the beaten path? 



J and A said...

LOVE these!! I want one! :) I like getting something fun for them not over priced dishes! :)

Kai Mercado said...

Wow I LOVE this print...I might actually have to order this for myself lol

Make sure you get a chance to go see my new blog design today :) I am pretty excited about it. (sorry for being that blogger, I just wanted to brag lol)

Ashley {Becoming Mrs. Ashley Kozell} said...

Great idea! Love unique gifts that are thoughtful and maybe something others won't get for themselves.

Kasey Lynne said...

This is so cute Britt. What a great idea. I usually buy something off of the registry, but this is so worth going off the beaten path ;D

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