Monday, October 15, 2012

Core Power Yoga Obsession

A few months ago I professed my love for Core Power Yoga.  After a couple weeks free I was on the fence about getting a membership (mainly  due to price and not knowing my new job schedule).    While I was having this internal debate a Groupon came out for 30 days for $60.  I jumped on it. 

I am two weeks in and still loving it.  I feel better, my mind is more clear, my priorities are in order-I feel like I am high on life.  My favorite classes are Heated Power Yoga with Weights and Hot Power Fusion.  I am a disgusting mess after each class, but it feels amazing to sweat like a pig.  Yes, I just said that.  I am literally drenched head to toe.  Think of working out in 95-105 degree weather with humidity. 

I love that I have found a way to be active that I enjoy.  I haven’t seen the scale move at all {which bums me out}, but I have lost over an inch in my stomach.  It is always the first place I lose weight so hopefully the pounds will start to fall off.

Are you a yogie?  What actives do you love? What is your favorite at home workout?  


Lauren said...

do you go to the one on wilshire?! i have been DIEING to try it!

Danielle said...

How often do you go to the classes?

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