Thursday, October 4, 2012

Busy Bee

Does it seem like this year has FLOWN by?  Maybe part of it is summer arrived only a few months ago or I switched jobs mid year or maybe it is that I am getting older?  I thought the last three months of the year were going to be chill, but they are turning out to be anything but.  Here is what we have on the agenda…

Long weekend in Arizona for my cousins wedding
A visit from one of my favorite bloggers
Core Power Yoga {Thanks Groupon!}

M’s parents visit for a week
Soul Cycle Event for work
M’s birthday!
Thanksgiving with our LA family

SEC Championship-hopefully the Gators will be attending
Boston for my former boss’ wedding
Decker turns 1-celebration time
Long Beach Flea Market with Julie
Atlanta for Christmas

Seriously this makes me tired and broke even thinking about it, but I can’t wait for all the travel and fun times in store of us ahead.  



Jessie said...

I agree that this year has flown by!!!

Ashley {Becoming Mrs. Ashley Kozell} said...

I love that is so true! This year is flying. I'm getting married December 1st so now I feel like time is moving even faster as we complete the final details. Love your blog! I found you through Ashley (Adventures of Newlyweds).


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