Monday, October 29, 2012

Believing in You

A couple weeks ago M was presented with a once in a lifetime opportunity.  He received a call from a friend wanting his resume ASAP to be a director’s assistant to one of his idols.  This has happened before so we don’t really get our hopes up anymore. 

Long story short, he got the job!  You would think that we would be rejoicing right?  Wrong.  We were confused.  Is this the right step for him?  If this position came up a year ago he would have jumped on the chance, but he has made so much progress since then with his script.

After 12 hours of debating back and forth he turned it down.  Some might think he is crazy.  The opportunity to work on a $130 million dollar movie and lots of commercials for well-known brands-I knows it sounds insane.  Here is to betting on yourself and believing you have the talent to get your own $130 million dollar movie one day. 

The director attached to the movie hasn’t been announced yet.  When it is I will let y’all know.  Oh and to sweeten the deal, the film is being shot in London.  I die.  



Emily said...

Props to him for going with his gut! I hope an even better opportunity comes his way soon!

Stephanie said...

Good for M for having the guts to make that decision and to follow his heart!

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