Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday's Letters

Who didn't love Daria? 
Dear Sick Day, Yesterday is just what you needed.  Grilled cheese, sprite and a ton of TiVo-ed shows is just what I needed.  Hopefully this little cold won't get in the way of my weekend.  Fingers crossed.  Dear My First Home, Where do yall get your $$$?  One of the episodes a young girl my age was looking at a million dollar condo in Boston.  Yes, I get Boston is expensive, but what do you do?  In the end she took a $300K loan from her parents.  Dear HGTV, You make me want my own home really bad.  This is not good.  Dear Gators, You need to win this weekend if you want to go to the SEC Championship game.  Chomp Chomp those Dawgs!  Dear Marco, I think a date night is in order this weekend if I am feeling better.  Dear In-Laws, Yall will be here in a week!  Happy dance:)




The Pink Growl said...

OMG Daria! Hilarious!! Glad you are feeling better, if a sick day is the trick then I might need to take one too!

anna lizbeth said...

i am addicted to hgtv. that and pinterest have me constantly dreaming of my future home!

Neely said...


Michelle said...

I LOVE Daria! Haven't watched it in forever.

Danielle said...

I LOVE HGTV. Makes me wants to own my own place and decorate it. Hope you feel better!

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