Tuesday, March 13, 2012

11 Questions

Stephanie at The Rest is Still Unwritten tagged me in the 11 Questions game going on in the blog world.  If you aren’t familiar with her blog check it out.  We've met in real life at the SoCal Blogger Meet Up and she is just as sweet in person.

     1. What was your favorite subject in school?
Latin. Random I know.  In HS I took 4 years of Latin and joined the Latin National Honors society.  I didn’t want to take Spanish or French and had to take 2 years of a language.  My class was full of a lot of freshman and we all became really great friends over the 4 years.  I have also seen the movie Gladiator more times than I can count because of that class.

2.  If you could meet one celebrity, who would it be?
Ryan Gosling or Ryan Reynolds 

3.  What's your favorite holiday?
July 4th!  Another strange one I know.  Growing up my parents would have a huge neighborhood party with all the kids.  We would play Ghost in the Grave Yard, catch lightning bugs, have dance parties and go see fireworks.  It was always such a fun day.  Also my birthday is 4 days later:)

4.  Are you a dog or cat person?
Growing up we had a cat, Rolo, but I was never a cat person.  I am more a small dog person.  Larger dogs kind of scare me.  And if you have a Pit Bull forget it.  My sister has one and as sweet as she is I always have my guard up.

5.  What was your favorite trip you have ever taken?
Pre-Marriage every summer my parents would rent a home at Pawley’s Island.  We spent 10 summers there and created some of my favorite childhood memories.  My best friend’s family would always go the same week as well.  
After Marriage, this is a hard one.  I want to say our honeymoon, but neither of us liked Puerto Vallarta all that much.  Maybe Cabo last August.  We fell in love with the town and could see ourselves going back more often when we have a little bit more disposable income.  I also really enjoy our weekends in San Diego for my birthday every year.  Both of us could see ourselves living there one day.

6.  Who do you look up to?
My husband for following his dreams.
My boss for being so successful at such a young age.
My parents friends Steve & Terri.  There marriage has been put through the ringer.  I have always admired the love and dedication they have towards one another.  
My family.  In my opinion my parents did an amazing job raising us 3 girls.  We have all taken our own path and finally accepted one another for who each other truly is.  When all of us are together pop open a bottle of wine and crack open some beers and you have no idea what will come out of our mouths.  Nothing is off limits, NOTHING!

7.  If you could live anywhere else where would you?
Cornado Island, San Diego-the perfect place to live!

8.  Do you prefer coffee or tea?
Neither.  I mainly drink apple cider, wine and water.

9.  How many siblings to do you have?
2 younger sisters.  One is 25 and the other is 22.

10.  What was the biggest decision you have ever made?
Moving to California and marrying Marco.  Yes, I know this sounds weird, right?  If I stayed in Atlanta I could have had a much easier life.  Meet someone, get married, buy a home, have kids.  With the decision to marry Marco I knew I would have none of that and I would have to leave the only place I had ever lived.  I always knew California was in his future so I had to decide if it was in mine.  Obviously I am happy with the choice I made.  I love our small little life and wouldn’t change it for a home in Buckhead at all.

11.  Flip flops or high heels?
Both.  Flip flops for weekends.  High heels for work most days.

Here are my questions.  
Anyone feel free to do them and leave a comment below so I can check them out!

If you could change your name what would it be?
Why did you start blogging?
Name one bad habit.
Facebook or Twitter or Instagram? Why?
Favorite vacation or weekend getaway.
What is your perfect weekend?
What is your dream job?
Beer, liquor, red, white, none & your favorite brand.
If you could only shop one clothing store for the next 10 years, where?
What makes you happy?
5 people past or present you would want to have dinner with.

In reference to my post yesterday, click on over to Aly's blog to learn how to watermark your photos.  Super easy! 



J and A said...

This is a fun post!

Kai.Mercado. said...

I love learning more about bloggers! Such a great post.

p.s. I am hosting a giveaway on my little blog! I would love for you to check it out!


Anonymous said...

We've got a lot in common girl! :) My favorite holiday is also the 4th of July. I love the fireworks, the family time, the outdoors of it all... And I'm so a little girl afraid of dogs! Well the big ones anyway, haha!

I'll be playing along on my blog...

Stephanie said...

I love reading your answers!!!! I understand what you mean about marrying Marco and moving out here- that's huge! I love your answers for who you look up to!

Jax said...

Love this! And I love our July birthdays! My fav holiday is also the 4th b/c its the day after my birthday! :)

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