Friday, March 2, 2012

Friday's Letters

Dear Marco, You make me laugh-always.  You are always acting so silly and I thank you for that.  Dear Work Blackberry, I am only going to check you a few times on vacation.  I hate you blinking red light.  Dear Essie Nail Polish, I wish I could paint my nails everyday a different color.  You are all so pretty.  Dear Venice, I am mildly obsessed with you.  I can't wait until we can hang out on the weekends and enjoy wine while looking at the canals.  I am ready for you in my life.  Dear Marco, I must love you a lot because every night I watch PTI and John Stewart with you.  I guess this is payback for me making you watch The Bachelor.




Tess said...

Enjoy your blackberry-free weekend! I can't wait to explore Venice either, I keep hearing the best things about that little city!

Ashley said...

hope you are having a VERY relaxing weekend! and totally agree with you on essie! They have the best polishes ever!

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