Wednesday, March 7, 2012

What I'm Loving

I'm LOVING Vegas!  On Monday night, I got a call from a friend in Atlanta inviting us to VEGAS for the weekend in May.  Marco loves Vegas and I am a fan too so this was pretty much a no brainer.  I can't wait to spend the weekend with great friends.

I'm LOVING soup.  Random, yes, I know.  I have been sick the past few days and nothing makes me feel better than a big bowl of soup.

I'm LOVING our chill weekend ahead.  The past 2 weekends have been amazing and I am so thankful for them, but I am ready to sleep in and chill.

I'm LOVING wine.  After sipping 200+ wines this past weekend I can still say wine is my beverage of choice.

I'm LOVING life.  I am just really thankful for the choices M and I have made and what the future holds.  This makes me really happy inside, something that can't be filled anything material.



J and A said...

Such a happy post! :) Wine is my drink of choice too! :) Happy Wednesday!! said...

Great, happy post! I'm glad that things are looking so bright for you - and I love your earrings!

Ashley Slater said...

love the new blog look! and I am so glad you have had fun weekends, though I do miss you! so sad this is our last month in LA! :(

Jewels said...

Oh I love Vegas to and have been wanting to go back so bad! I hope you have lots of fun!!!

Ashley said...

oooh vegas! i have never been and am dying to go. you guys are gonna have so much fun!!

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