Thursday, March 29, 2012

If I had a 500 Million Dollars...

The Mega Millions craze has swept the nation with its 500 MILLION or half a BILLION dollar jackpot!  Could you even imagine winning all that dough?

I pass a MM billboard everyday on my way home from work.  Yesterday I let mind wander about what I would do with all that money...

1. Not tell a soul-in the beginning

2. Hire a tax lawyer & accountant to make sure everything was in order before I start spending and sharing

3. Rent out the Penthouse at the St. Regis Atlanta, invite my immediate family + grandparents to a dinner.  They will be so shocked to see us and even more shocked when we hand them the deeds to their house paid in full.  The next day we are heading out and buying new cars, whatever they want.

4. M and I would buy a house on the Venice Canals

5. Start our own production company

6. Rent a hotel in Cabo-bring all our family and friends on vacation for a week or two

7. Start a scholarship in Marco's name at UNCSA School of Filmmaking and donate money to go directly to the teachers so they can continue to offer quality education

Of course this is just the start of winning a half a billion dollars, we would do lots of good with the money because honestly do you really need THAT much?  You could live off the interest alone.

So tell me...what would you do?  Did you buy a ticket?!



Julie @ The Smitten Mintons said...

I'm so glad we're friends....I'm ready to go to Cabo! ;)

Those are really awesome things though. I've never thought about what I'd spend it on, but now I'm daydreaming about it! I'm still hoping one day I'll hit the jackpot on those Vegas slots :)

Jonathan said...

I don't even let myself think about it because it seems so impossible! I love your list though! you should win it, because you would spread the money around and use it for some good!

Jonathan said...

oops, its ashley not jonathan!

Anonymous said...

Sounds amazing... I wish I had won!! :)

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