Thursday, March 15, 2012

Allie & Brock's Trip: Part II

After our morning in Venice, you can check it out here, we headed to our favorite pizza place, 800 Degrees.  It was delicious as always and almost no line.  Score! 

Making our pizzas

I love this picture.  Marco hanging out with our favorite little guy, Decker.

This is on our fridge.  Although we might not be ready for kids I love every moment he is around.

Telling secrets.  Decker, he will be your cool uncle who will take you to your first Jay-Z concert.

A year ago our lives drastically changed for the better in more ways than one:)

Later that evening we hit up Church & State downtown for some French food and then went out for the most awesome margaritas ever.

Brock, Sing & M

Drinking the night away

Sunday we headed to the Santa Monica Airport for their flea market.  I think everyone should have this below.  

Seriously WTF?!

Later that afternoon we had about 6 people over for the Oscars.  You can read about the recap here.  

Overall we had the best weekend.  I wish A & B never moved but I know they are so happy with their decision.  We may never live in the same state or driving distance from one another ever again, but I guess that gives us an excuse to travel more.


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