Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Reception: Wedding Week

From the very beginning of the planning process I said I didn't want our reception to feel like a typical wedding.  I wanted it to be a party.  Since this was the last time I was going to see a lot of our friends and family before our move it was also a going away party.  I wanted to get the "wedding traditions" out of the way in one big swoop.  The timeline went something like this...

First Dance, The Way You Look Tonight.  We were awful and should have taken lessons.
Father-Daughter Dance to My Girl
Mother-Son Dance to Somewhere Over the Rainbow

M dancing with my mom.  They have such an awesome relationship!
Parents welcoming toast!
Love this one!
My mom with 2 our of 3

My SIL, Allie, and I at dinner

Marco's grandparents dancing to their song, I Left My Heart In San Francisco:)

Beans rocking out! The glasses were a hit.

M with his dad and brother
We Are Family dancing tradition!!!

Cutting the cupcake

Rocking out with my dad, a dancing machine.  This must be where I get it!

Or from this special woman, my aunt Laurie!  A Twist champion, for real! 

Love this one of my dad with his drinking buddies {all teachers}!  Many long night on my parents deck  just hanging out and talking about the youth of America.

Kristie & Rebecca

I hated the night was over.  If I could I would do it all over again tomorrow!



Tess said...

Your wedding was so pretty - and you and Marco looks great. And, I think it's hysterical that you said your 1st dance was terrible. I feel like Joel and I would DEF. need dancing lessons...

Emily said...

looks like it was definitely a party! love that your hubby danced with your sweet!

Christine Korbesmeyer said...

What a wonderful night. If I could live any day over, that would be it. I think we got it right when we agreed it was all about having a good time and enjoying each other. It was absolutely wonderful. Love you guys!

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