Friday, March 23, 2012

Friday's Letters

Dear Work, You kicked my ass this week-for reals.  When the clock strikes 5 PM today I will be one happy camper.  Dear Ashley & Julie, I am so tired today, but staying out way past my bedtime for a lot of laughs and Diddy Riese was def a good excuse.  Dear Gators, You have made me a very happy fan last night.  I think you can make it to the Final Four. Let’s do this! Chomp Chomp! Dear Marco, You have the day off today.  I would much rather be home hanging out than here at work.  I know you are enjoying the alone time though.  Dear Spring, You have seemed to pop up everywhere but LA.  It is still cold her {cough 60’s}, but that is cold for us.  I am ready for sunny and 70s/80s.  Dear Neighbor, Your cat scared me to death yesterday when I was leaving my apartment.  “Cinderella’s” home isn’t inside my apartment like she thought. My scream woke up with whole complex, I am sure of it.  Dear Marco, Sorry for freaking you out last night, I was having a nightmare.  I didn’t mean to scream in my sleep.  Dear Friday, thank you for arriving, clearly I am ready for you.

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Anonymous said...

Seriously!! Where is the warm weather in CA?!? Unfair.

Have a fabulous weekend!!

Sandra Leiva said...

Lovely blog! <3

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