Thursday, June 23, 2011

Just Call Me Susie Homemaker!

I love Chevron print!  In fact I think I might be obsessed with it, but I think a house full of it might be a  little much.  Last year on Etsy I found black and white chevron curtain panels and fell in love.  Ask my sister-in-law-for the past year I have been talking about making them, but haven't until now.

I am not quite sure what came over me a few weeks ago, but I decided I had to find the fabric and make them.  I logged on to, found my fabric for about $7 per yard, measured, ordered and on Sunday went to town.

Using heat and bond, my iron, patients and the Bachelorette I finished the first panel in just under an hour.  The second one took about 45 minutes.  Honestly if I knew it was going to be this easy I would have done it a long time ago.  On Saturday we went to T@rget to get a curtain rod and clips.  The whole project cost me about $90 which I think is pretty great.

The fabric sprawled out between my entry way-family room-eating area.

Fold fabric, place heat and bond in the correct location and iron. Easy as pie!

Bedroom window before.  I hate vertical blinds!

MG helping me hang the rod.

Before with the window open

Our new curtains! 
I love them!  
They do close completely which is great so I don't have to see those awful vertical blinds anymore.

The curtains completely change the room.  I have found myself staring at them before I go to bed at night. Weirdo, I know ;)  Pictures taken from my iphone so I apologize for the bad quality.
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just a girl said...

These are fantastic! Great job!

Jax said...

Good job! Those are GREAT!!!

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