Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Make a Wish


Yep, you heard right.  My parents share the same birthday, but they are 2 years apart.  And something that is really bizarre is when they were pregnant with me, my due date was JUNE 28th too!  I was 10 days late.  My mom said that I had to hold out for my own day because I don't like to share.  She is right.  I love birthdays and I want the day to myself.  Not going to lie.  

My family in GA already celebrated this past weekend.  MG and I are celebrating with them next week while they are visiting.  Birthday overload, I love it!
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Britt said...

I just found your blog on Made by Girl and had to come say hi since my name is Britt too!

Britt said...

I just noticed that your name is Britney. Mine is just Britt. Slightly bummed but I love Chevron print too so it makes up for it :)

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