Friday, June 24, 2011

32 before 32

I love a good To Do List!  There is something about crossing the item off once it is complete that makes me a little happy inside.  

Here I mentioned I was putting together a list of  things I want to experience/complete/enjoy before I turn 32.  Why 32?  Well that is the mutual age MG and I agreed when we will start having kids {another post, another time}.  Although I know not everything goes according to plan, this is what we are aiming for.  I have 5 years to complete my list so let's get his party started!

32 before 32
Live by the beach {within 2 miles}

Spend my bday & future bdays in San Diego

Spend a week at Pawley's Island with my parents and in-laws
As a kid I spent my summers here. It was such a magical place. I can't wait to go back one day. 

Run a 5K

Run a 10K

Run a Half Marathon

Run a Marathon

Own a Dog

Own a hybrid or convertible

Walk the Red Carpet

See DMB at the Hollywood Bowl

Graffiti a Wall

Sing Karaoke 
Completed 6/17/11 for a friends bday party

Learn to Cook

Find the Perfect Wine & Champagne

Read 12 books per year

See Fleetwood Mac in Concert

Find the Perfect Pillows for our couch {I am so indecisive about them!}

Feel like a local at our favorite Mexican place

Make working out feel like a need, not a chore

Eat as organically as possible

Learn to master by work Blackberry-I don't know how to work the stupid thing!
Apple and Blackberry

San Francisco/Wine Country


Skiing in Colorado or Salt Lake City

NYE in Vegas

St. John's/St. Maartin


Santa Barbara Wine Tasting

European Vacation with my family

What is on your to do list?
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Pearl Westwood said...

I am OBSESSED with Fleet Wood Mac!!!!!!!!!! They are the best so I am with you on that! I haven't been brave enough to write down my dreams you have inspired me too, hey maybe I will even blog them one day. You have a lovely blog, I am following, hope you might too, Pearl x

lauren lanza osias said...

what a lovely list!!!! this really got me thinking. i might have to whip one of these lists up myself!!!
giveaway time with Shabby Apple!!!!!

Britt said...

My in-law's take all of us to Pawley's Island every year for a beach trip. Its nice and all but are you sure you want to leave California for Pawley's? Have you been there recently?

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