Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Brain Dump

Random thoughts over the past week or so...

-Loved the editing on RHOC.  Totally thought Tamara pushed Jeena!

-Last week at my hair salon they were doing a raffle.  I won a Whole Foods basket!  Pretty awesome:)

-Haven't watched The Bachelorette yet this week. My friend C and I are re-starting our weekly girls nights tomorrow.  I can't wait to see what all the hoopla is about and spend time with my bestie!

-MG and I are LOVING the NBA finals!  We are seriously sucked in. Let's go MAVS!

-Million Dollar Decorators is my new favorite show.  LOVE all of them and their style.  I think Ireland or Mary are my favorite so far {after the first episode}.

-Working out is slowly working its way into my schedule again {3 days per week as of now}.  We have such a love hate relationship.

-June Gloom is in full effect here in LA :(

-My parents come in 3 weeks to visit us.  I could really use some TLC from them right about now!

- MG and I are starting the budget for The Ocean Black this week.  We have never done this before so it is going to be a process.

-Last week I sent my boss to the wrong airport in Milan.  Why do they need TWO airports?!  Can someone please answer this.  Some how, by the Grace of the Lord, he made it to the other airport on time.  Thank you Guardian Angel!

-I need to find a hobby.

-I am thinking about attempting to make curtains for my bedroom.  At the stage where I am just thinking about it...

-Over the weekend I completed a couple projects that I have been procrastinating about

My side of the dresser

My new elephant hook from Anthro for my bathrobe. 
Yes, those are vertical blinds. Hence why I want the curtains!

A silver tray I bought from the Rose Bowl Flea Market a couple weeks ago.
I love it all cleaned up!

Our dresser area & yes I see some of the pictures are crooked.

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Melissa said...

Love your side of the bed :)

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