Friday, January 7, 2011

Special Powers

I have never been one for sci-fi or fantasy, but recently {well, I guess for the past 2 years} I have really wanted to have the ability to teleport!  I want to be able to skip traffic, go home during my lunch breaks, never have to fly on a plane again, and see loved ones whenever I want-just to name a few perks of this special power.  To me this tops flying, being invisible or trying to save the world {lets be honest Batman, Spiderman, and Superman all have their flaws.}  If this wish ever comes true I will let you know;)  Until then you can find me stuck on the 10W Monday-Friday at 5:30 surfing the radio wishing I could teleport.

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Jax said...

haha! I understand this feeling...I get it every winter. As I type this, it's sleeting outside in Oklahoma. I'm wishing I could teleport to work in the am, that's for sure! Brrrrr!

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