Thursday, January 6, 2011

Kind of Like M.A.S.H.

Three weeks ago my company had our holiday extravaganza party.  It was truly amazing.  They had carnival games for the kids, an ice skating rink, six or seven food trucks, Santa, and our annual raffle.  Unfortunately I didn’t win anything this year.  Last year I won a $250 gift card!  There was one special guest this year, Rebecca, a psychic! She is not just any psychic, she is the owners personal psychic.  {Yes, this is a little strange, but whatever.} 

I had met Rebecca before. She came into our office about 4 months ago to do a reading for some employees.  Although I didn’t formally sit down with her she told me that I would have 2 houses, one by a body of water in the South, two children, the name Kathy kept coming up as well.  She also told me to be patient.  At the time I thought it was cool, but never gave it a lot of thought.

MAG and I waited in line to see her for an hour.  He was less than pleased with me, but I wanted to get our readings done.  Once it was my turn she told me the following:

*You are in a very loving relationship. You will be together for the rest of your life.  Sometimes it will be hard, but you know each other very well and will get through it.
*You will own a house.  It won’t be a mansion, but it will be a nice size and you will need help with it.  {Yes, in my mind this means I get a maid!}
*She saw 2 kids in my future, maybe 3.  She also said that MAG and I need to be very careful right now if we don’t want to get preggers!  
*She told me to stop stressing about my weight; it will come off naturally and in time. {I have done this and have lost a few lbs.}
*She told me she saw the name Kathy {weird!}
*She told me a man name Jeff was in the room.  My mom’s bother was named Jeff.  He was killed in Vietnam.  {That was probably the strangest part about the whole thing.}

MAG’s Turn
*She said she saw a lot of writing. {This was really strange because he had just finished The Ocean Black script 2 days prior.}
*She told him to make sure there are contracts, even if it is with friends.  {Another weird point because he and his writing partner were discussing contracts the day before.}
*She said he will get a manager soon. {This is in the works.}
*Babies will come later in life.
*Someone named Teri will be very influential with your career.

Overall it was a pretty weird experience.  Are we believers in the psychic power?  Maybe we are a little less skeptical now.  Have you ever seen a psychic?  What do you believe?

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Caroline said...

Oh, that's crazy! I would be so scared to hear what they would say.

Britt said...

It was very surreal, but I am glad we got to do it. I don't think this is going to become apart of my lifestyle.

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