Friday, January 28, 2011

Girls Night

Once a week my LA besties get together for a girls night that contains wine and The Bachelor.  Each of us look forward to it every week.  It is a place for us to unwind and talk about all girly things that our husbands don't want to listen to ;)

Last night I had a surprise for the girls...clothes!  Working for a large fashion company has its perks.  I receive a lot of samples therefore my closet is jammed to the max.  Yesterday I was over it!  I had items in there that I haven't worn in forever and didn't fit me correctly.  I brought over a large shopping bag, dumped it on the floor and told the girls to take whatever they want and the rest I will donate.

I was happy to clean my closet and see their smiling faces as they were ooing and ahhing over everything.

Side note: I am taking my first Bar Method class tonight.  Super excited and I am actually looking forward to being sore tomorrow.
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