Thursday, November 4, 2010

MJ+Cirque du Soleil=Amazingness!

Yesterday while I saw scrolling through my Google Reader I saw that Cirque du Soleil was putting on a Michael Jackson show called The Immortal.  MAG is a huge fan of MJ's music to the point where he used to walk around with a silver glove and perform infront of family members.  Please keep in mind he was 4 years old. 


Today I was surfing Facebook and someone updated their status saying they got tickets.  I immediately texted MAG saying, "We have to get tickets!"  He agreed, so 10 minutes later they were purchased.  We are both so excited and never do anything like this.  The annoying part is the show doesn't come to LA until 1/27/2012!  Yep, we have to wait over a year to see it, but in my mind it is completely worth it!

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