Wednesday, June 6, 2012

If I had 3.4 Million Dollars

It is no secret I want my first home to be in Venice.  Even though we are moving in the exact opposite direction  M and I always talk about moving here one day.  There is something magical about this place.  Maybe it is the laid back SoCal feel or the eclectic group of people or the canals.  Whenever I just want to get away I come here.  The water, beautiful homes and the gardens make me dream of calling this place home someday.

I fell in love with this house about two years ago here.  It was charming and actually reminded me of my grandparents home.  Now I found a new home that I love.  At the bargain price of $3.4M it can be yours!
Seriously, how could you not want to live here?

The main reason anyone lives in LA, to be outside drinking wine on a beautiful day
This tree is perfect for little kids to climb

Although I am not the best cook, I would love cooking in a kitchen like this 
The perfect space to hang out after sitting in afternoon traffic



Ashley said...

Wouldn't it be nice!!! A girl can dream!!

Danielle said...

That is a nice house! I wish money grew on trees so we could all afford houses like that ;)

Taylor said...

Wow, so expensive but I love it! The green color is absolutely charming. I love green.

Ashley Slater said...

ahhh, the canals! such an amazing place!

Kate said...

Just found your blog through Tess' blog.

I would love to live on the canals. So nautical! My sister lives on a walk street in Venice. I love the area but after hearing about a shooting near her house this week I'm not sure about living there on my own. I just saw Valentine's Day again and wow, makes the canals look even prettier!

L A C E Y said...

wow! this house it gorgeous! i've been living in northern CA for about a year and a half and i still haven't made it to LA/Hollywood. need to plan that trip asap!

thanks for stopping by my blog! :)

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous!! I'd love to live on the canals in Venice. We like to walk through there to and from the beach sometimes... Just perfect!

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