Thursday, June 21, 2012


After I out grew my hardcore 5th grade crush on JTT, I moved on to Prince William. For years he was my #1, even to the point where I wrote him a note with my picture in it. I got a response from his formal secretary and still have the letter today to prove it. Major dork status!

Today Prince William turns 30, inherits $15.7 million and is married to a pretty stylish chick. What a great gift!

I truly wish his mom was able to see him now. She did a great job raising two very attractive gentlemen, in my opinion. Cheers Prince Willie!

Photo taken from eonline's twitter page since I am blogging from my iPhone today:)


Christine Korbesmeyer said...

I so remember those days and have always appreciated your taste in men.

Christine Korbesmeyer said...

I remember this so well and have always appreciated your good taste in men:)

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