Monday, June 11, 2012

5 Days

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Last week I felt like I was burning at both ends both personally and professionally.  I was kicking myself for not planning a summer vacation this year.  Who was I trying to kid telling myself long weekends would suffice?  After lots of texts between M and I, we decided we need longer than a 3-day weekend to get away and relax.  My genius husband said lets take off the Thursday and Friday after July 4.  This made perfect sense.  3 days in San Diego and 2 days in LA will hopefully give me the pep in my step I so desperately need.

What are your plans for the summer?  



Danielle said...

I'm in Seattle as I type this but I leave Thursday. Then the rest of the summer will be spent working cause everyone thinks I should stop traveling for a while, especially my boss. I don't get paid for vacation though so he doesn't get to tell me no lol.

If I had it my way I'd work a bunch and spend a week in the Caribbean again or go on a cruise :)

Jessie said...

Hopefully that will be just what you need to feel like you got a little mini vaca in there.

Jax said...

That sounds PERFECT! I am crawling toward our vacation (17 days). This is the time of year I always want.. get away from the office for a little bit for my own sanity. It's just a need for a refresher or something.

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