Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Hollywood so far

One of the biggest questions I get asked most often is what does Marco {the husband} do?  When he went home a couple weeks ago he said he spent hours telling each family member the same story about our life because they didn't get it.  After the long explanation most of them looked at him and said, "When are ya'll moving home?"  This makes me laugh and him frustrated because WE ARE NEVER MOVING HOME! 

I'll break it down for you, since you might not know too many people trying to break into the film industry, unless you live in LA.  The term, "Who You Know", has never been more prevalent than in this one.  Hollywood is this super tight knit circle. If you know someone who knows someone who's agent works at CAA you might be able to get an email address, but let's be honest, you probably won't because everyone trying to break into this industry is looking out for themselves only and people can be flakes.  

So how do you do it?  
Networking and beg for money.  
Go out and start drinking.  You never know who you will meet or if you are a regular at the same bar as one of Hollywood's biggest producers.  

Another way to get noticed is by creating your own content.  No one is going to give a tent pole movie, much less 100K to a first time director/cinematographer/editor.  A script could stay in circulation for years and never be read by any one higher than a producers assistant.  

Next would be to film a scene from your script to gain some attention or put your business card on a table at the Coffee Bean.  I have personally seen both work.  Just to be clear, if you do do these things isn't a guarantee, there are a lot of shitty youtube videos out there.

Where doeMarco fit into all this?  He has created his own content, a script for a feature film and a TV pilot.  But he wants to direct right?  Yes  Shouldn't he take whatever he can get?  Debatable  If you are going to dedicate 3 months to a year+ of your life don't you want it to be yours or your best friends?  M and his writing partner are a packaged deal.   Yes, if his writing partner {we'll call him Sully} wants to create a script on his own or with someone else he can.  In fact, he has and I have heard it is fabulous.  Sully might have the key to unlock the gates to the golden kingdom with this script-only time will tell.  

Now this is the dream.  Nothing in this industry is ever easy.  Whatever M's path is it is going to be hard.  This industry is made up of strong minded, driven, sarcastic, talented, huge ego-ed men.  I think he will fit in just fine ;)

I hope to share more about our journey out here from time to time.  Some of the phone calls we receive seem pretty normal to us now, but for someone not in the industry they are pretty cool.   

A side note, Entourage is the closest thing to an inside look into the real Hollywood. 

*Please note not everyone's LA/Hollywood experience is the same.  This is just my opinion.



Chelsea said...

So glad that you shared this! The two of you definitely live in a world far different from most of ours and it always intrigues me to read about it :) "Go out and start drinking." Hilarious! But I can also see how that is a huge way to network or "run into" someone!

Emily said...

i agree with chelsea...your world sounds so foreign to me, but exciting at the same time! definitely interesting!

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