Friday, June 29, 2012

Friday's Letters

Dear Big Bear, Impromptu camping trip this weekend with friends?  Yes please! Dear Marco, I am dying to know what my birthday present is…normally I can guess it but this year I am stumped.  Not a clue.  Dear Hair, You are getting the VIP treatment this week.  Fresh highlights, a trim and maybe a trip to DryBar on Thursday morning.  Dear Running, You are so hard.  I should have never taken a break because getting back in the habit is awful.  Dear Sick Day, Being sick sucks, but being stuck in bed with an ipad and One Tree Hill Netflix instant episodes make the day just a little bit better.  Dear OTH, In episode 16 of season 1 where Nathan tries to pick up Halley by telling her he has a DSL internet connection made me feel real old.  Dear Atlantans, The high is 107 tomorrow?  Bless your heart!

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Nicholl Vincent said...

Yay for hair VIP treatment!


Anonymous said...

I love how you wrote this! I am currently sick as well so it sucks! xx

Jessie said...

Ugh I hate sick days in the summer. No fun

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