Wednesday, February 1, 2012

What I'm Loving

Happy Wednesday!  This week seems like it is flying by compared to last week and this makes me very, very happy.  I am beyond ready for the weekend.

What I feel like when I run =)
I'm LOVING running!  Last night was the first time in about 3 weeks I ran and I loved every moment of it.  I did 4 miles {a personal best} in 48 minutes.  I walked another mile just so I could say I did 5 to my hubby.

mixed tapes
I'm LOVING my mixed CDs.  You never know what is going to be on them.  I have come across a little LFO {remember them?!}, Kilo Ali, lots of 70's and 80's.

I'm LOVING DMB!  This morning on my way to work I was jamming out to #41 {my favorite}.  I felt like I was a kid again and really, really, really hope they are going on tour again this summer.  I have to see them for my 8th time. 

I'm LOVING I am gaining more experience at work.  I am in the starting phase of planning a conference in Hong Kong this spring.  No, I don't get to go. I am not in the budget to attend:(

movies popcorn and wine.
I'm LOVING popcorn.  I think I might have an addiction.  It is bad.

February calendar
I'm LOVING it is FEBRUARY!!!  This month is filled with so many great things that I can't wait to enjoy.  So-Cal blogger meet-up, fresh highlights, date night at the movies, my bestie is coming to visit, the Oscars & Valentine's Day!  

So tell me, what are you loving this week?
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Brit said...

That calendar is adorable!

Anonymous said...

Popcorn...the best is from the movie theater...

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