Wednesday, February 29, 2012

What I'm Loving

I'm LOVING Foster the People.  After a year of listening to them almost non-stop pretty much they are still my favorite.  Marco you should totally get me tickets for my bday {hint, hint}

I'm LOVING this video.  If the average age of the Academy wasn't 62 then maybe some of these movies would have been nominated.  Yes, I am bitter Drive & 50/50 wasn't nominated for more.

I'm LOVING tomorrow is my Friday! Woo-hoo!  This weekend we are off to Sonoma with our friends from Atlanta.  Insert huge smile here:)

I'm LOVING Paradise by Coldplay and Close to You by Calvin Harris.  Those are my jams right now!

I'm LOVING Photoshop.  I always thought it was a difficult program that I would never learn.  M has taught me a couple things so far and I am loving it.  He also gave me his 5D from college and his lenses.  I am one happy girl right now.

Coming up tomorrow a recap of our Saturday morning in Venice {my new favorite place}
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Stephanie said...

I basically have Paradise on repeat on my iPod right now! Obsessed!

Sassy Ms Ginger said...

I am super jealous of your weekend plans! You have supreme taste in tunes :) My military hubs and I are getting ready to move to Georgia, I am super nervous!

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