Thursday, February 2, 2012

Resolution Recap: January

Can you believe January is over?  I think I am getting old because time is really starting to fly by.  I feel bad wishing the work weeks away, but I live for my weekends {as much as I love my job}.

Here are my resolutions for the year.  I must say I did pretty well for the first month!
Pepperoni Pizza Pull Apart Bread.. Each ball has Pepperoni & Cheese!
1. Cook at home more and try different recipes 
Doing pretty well! We are eating at home A LOT more and I am doing okay in the recipe section.  I hope to try out some fun things this weekend.

pool house + hot tub
2. Focus on paying down our debts
We have a plan and are sticking to it.  We have our eye on the prize, a house! 

Yes! I clocked the gym 18 times and ran/mostly elliptical for 47.95 miles
4. Make friends
I would have to say yes.  I met Ashley and we have hung out twice.  I wish she was in LA a little longer than 3 months though:(

5. Read a book a month
Yes! I finished My Horizontal Life and started Gone with the Wind yesterday.  I know two completely different books.

yes yes yall
6. Say YES more!  
Only one opportunity has come up and I did say yes.  I am batting 100% right now.

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Kelsey said...

I wish i have kept up on my resolutions as well as you have - nice job!

So excited you are coming on Saturday, we have so many fun things planned! Can't wait to see you.

xo, Kelsey

Whitney said...

Good job with keeping all those resolutions! Too bad you don't live closer to me, I always love meeting people through blogging (some of which are now my really good friends!).

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