Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Love is in the air

Happy Valentine’s Day!  


love cupcakes

Honestly I think this is the most overrated, Hallmark holiday we celebrate in society today.  M and I are going to lay low this year, but I guess we always do.  We celebrate by making our annual dinner at home which includes lobster tails, green beans, twice baked potatoes, wine & a cupcake.  What are you doing to celebrate, if anything?

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Stephanie said...

Your dinner sounds amazing! What time should I be over? :) Happy Valentine's Day!

Ashley Slater said...

lobster tails? we will be there at 7:30! :) haha Jonathan is getting out of work a little early so I am mkaing filet mignon, asparagus and baked potato. With wine followed by icecream. We decided that is the extent of our valentines day this year! When we were at ralphs on saturday we went into the card aisle, picked out cards for each other and then read them out loud.... THEN we put them back and said "that saves 10 bucks!" :) haha Hope your week is going well! I e-mailed you last saturday not sure if you got it-- I was thinking, we should have an oscar party!!

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