Thursday, January 5, 2012

Stepping It Up

My office is very flexible with work attire.  We are a jeans company, so wearing them everyday is not something that is frowned upon.  

At the end of last year I started getting lazy with my outfits.  I was dressing more for comfort instead of for the job I have.  It didn't hit me until my boss was out of the office and one of our Sr. Recruiters was in town.  She asked me how I was doing "besides dressing super casual" while my boss was out of the office.

In that moment I could have died.  This isn't the person I am or want to be perceived as.  That day I made a decision to stop dressing for comfort and start dressing for the position I hold and who I assist.  

The Outfit I got called out on
Casual Friday

My goals now when coming into the office are...
*Heels 3 days per week
*Lipstick {at least put it on in the morning, if it doesn't get reapplied oh well}
*Venture out of my safety zone and wear one new outfit a week
*Stand up straight
*Accessorize more

J Crew crew neck t shirt
$15 -

GUESS by Marciano blue jeans
$148 -

TOMS glitter shoes
£40 -

Annina Vogel gold diamond earrings
£1,250 -

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Mrs. W said...

I wish I could dress causual to work. By the end of the year I was looking sloppy in a suit if that's possible which I assure you it is. I'm trying to spruce myself up this year too! I've done my hair 3 times this week. Good luck, post your new outfit finds!

Anonymous said...

It is a slippery slope, right? I was able to be very casual at my previous job and am having to step it up in my new job. I'm right there with you... We can do it!! :)

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