Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Happy Hump Day!

My new Wednesday Sweater :)
I'm LOVING today is Hump Day!  Monday and Tuesday alone have felt like full weeks here at the office.  I think it is payback for last week being so easy while my boss was out.

Cookies for February
I'm LOVING next week is February.  There are so many fun things planned for this short month and I can't wait!  First up is the blogger meet-up in San Diego!

I'm LOVING I found my song!

Travel On!
I'm LOVING we are starting to plan trips.  There may be a trip back home for a weekend this spring.  Marco's brother is graduating HS.  I started dating Marco when he was just 3 years old.  Craziness.

Nike 'Free Run 2+' Running Shoe (Women)
I'm LOVING my new running shoes.  Technically I haven't bought them yet, but they are mine in my mind.  Come February 1st when my spending band is up they will be mine.

french bulldog!
I'm LOVING the pet store by my house will only carry adoptable dogs, no puppies from mills.  This will make me feel a lot less guilty when we go and look at our potential fur baby.

I'm LOVING hot chocolate.  Each afternoon this week I have indulged, it has been the perfect way to end my work day.

I'm LOVING my mom finally sent me pictures from Christmas.  I took about 14 the entire time {fail}.  Now I can finally do my holiday recap.  Only a month late.

I'm LOVING this very, very true.
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Anonymous said...

I just watched the LA video - hilarious!!

I'm so jealous you're going to the SD Blogger Meet-Up! I just saw it this week online and it's sold out :(

Lauren said...

Love the LA video, hilarious!

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