Monday, January 23, 2012

Monday Blues

What an awesome start to this rainy Monday!  Please note the sarcastic tone. I think it is pay back for last week being so great.  Hopefully today is a fluke and things will get back to normal tomorrow.

This weekend was chill.  Marco and his cinematographer spent most of the weekend color correcting a project they are working on so that meant I caught up on One Tree Hill episodes, cleaned, watched football, had a dance party with myself and decorated a little.  

We did manage to squeeze in a Chick-fil-a date, Home Depot run and see The Separation.   Overall it was just what I needed.

This week I am hoping to get to the gym 4 or 5 times, meet up with Ashley, cook a new recipes aka try veal for the first time, a pot luck dinner with friends and ending the work week with Michael Jackson's Immortal at the Staples Center.
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The week looks promising.  I hope it ends better than it started.  Fingers crossed.
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Julia Miller said...

Hope your week does go better. Pot luck sounds fun.

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